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From The Correspondence File:

Catterel – [http://www.catterel.wordpress.com] – and I were commiserating about our “lost” comments:  some essence of our work, collected on the blogs of others we’ve encountered around the blog- o-sphere .   She agreed that the ‘essence’ might make good fodder the us word-grazers.  Of course she suggested I NOT use the tempting “that would be utterly ridiculous”.  So instead I’ll just say that it would be like going from the ridiculous to the bovine.


To Tarot Man:  [http://www.tarotman.wordpress.com/about]


Here I’ll answer your questions.  The best thing about blogging is that, by exposing your ‘self’ to interesting others, you get to meet wonderful people along the road.

1. My full name is…still unknown to me.  It changes several times a day, as I evolve.

2. I AM a…a grandfather, husband, retired psychotherapist, wonderer.  Tomorrow?  Who knows!

3. I AM…heterosexual, but my sexuality only one part of  a me.

4. I live with…two cats.  A Calico named Keiko; but my wife & I have these meaningless arguments about whether its “Keiko”, “Kieko”, or”Kikko”.  She has no voice [The cat; not my wife!!]; a rare characteristic in Calicoes.  [Not rare at all in wives; although I’ve only had one so I shouldn’t generalize.]  And I’ve only two in all.  [Cats; I mean. There are two cats.]

These catty arguments have continued since 1964, when we got married, and have only gotten worse, no matter how many cats, or cat names, we have chosen.  We HAVE called each other various names in our 48 years of wedded bliss.  Isn’t it strange how “bliss” is so often rhymed with “hiss”.

My other, current cat is named Shaina: she is the worlds’ loudest cat.  At night she’s ofter mistaken for a coyote!!

5. I love reading…since I was not able to for years after my stroke.

6. I do not eat nearly enough cheesecake!  There’s a wonderful Portuguese bakery near me that serves with “natas”.

7, 8, 9.   I’m a puer aeternus.

10. Sleep is under-rated…I do it all the time.

11. Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez, Horace Silver, and Dizzy Gillespie.  Okay?

12. I AM single…not forever, one hopes!!,

13. I AM an Ethical Witch…Glad to meet you.


Oprah In Brooklyn

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada)

Oprah in Hasidic Brooklyn

Re-blogged from Albuquerque Bill:


In this video, Oprah Winfrey spent a day visiting Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, NY. At the end of the day, Chabad.org‘s own Rabbi Motti Seligson interviewed Winfrey about her experiences.

—–     —–     —–

And also of note:

There were almost 4,500 Hasidic rabbis at the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries in Brooklyn, and 3,000 of them posed for a photograph together. Not all of them got into the frame, but this is still a big picture! There’s a link to the high-res version at NBC if you want to find someone you know. Link -via Buzzfeed

(Image credit: Tina Fineberg/chabad.org)

Ideas ~Time

Inner Voice:

two themes are haunting me.   I have to blog.  I have to read.  the two are mutuallt exclusive. I can’t do both.

i am a political animal.  my son-in-law is a my intellectual equal.  he and i have this friewdly  debate.  he is pro & am cani in several issues.

reading AND writing.  can’t do both.

i can’t remember shit!  So this will be a compliticated idea that I  will eventually lose.  but here goes.

This way of expressing my self!


—–     —–     —–

I don’t care/know if any of this sense.  Lulu, however, says that see can’t follow her ideas to completion before the next another overflow occurs.  I don’t know if it is because of our mutual problem.  Either way, there just isn’t time.

As I’ve said a dozen times, it takes me hours and hours to manufacture and assemble a post.  See my assembly line!   Down, to see what my hands are doing!  Up, to the screen!  Over to the slell check! [sic]!  A little [lillie] mechanical “click” to the next thought.  Left hand; paralyzed hand.  Bite the page!  Cradle the book!  And over again.  And over again.  And over again.  And over again.  Ad nauseum.  Ad mechanium.  Forever.  Forever!  Forever!!

[just a minute ago, I was looking at “lillie”, thinking “lillie”??? …”lillie”?…oh, the woman’s name…Lillie.  OOOhhh!!  Lilly!!!  L-i-l-l-i-e…wait!  Isn’t that supposed to be “Lilly; not “Lillie”?]  “YOU do that 10 times an hour!!  “%$^&%“, he exclaimed, figuratively!

“Shuuush”, the child’s father soothed, reassuringly.   “Take your time.  I’m here.  Catch you’re breath.  You have inportant things to say.  About hope and vourage.  Here; let me help you!”

Where is my father now?

“But I’m so frustrated.  I’m so tired.  I wabt to cry.”

My “inner” father reminds me that crying is organically self-limiting.  Our bodies stop crying on their own.  Exhaustion takes its toll and we sleep. Blessed sleep!

—–     —–     —–

I take a deep, deep breath….  I look for some graphics for  this posyt.  And continue:

So I can’t read  and   blog.  Either/or.  You choose.  I!   I choose.

Its paradoxical that right now I have to choose.  I’m studying for a class on Neuroplasticity.  The brain’s apparent and well-researched ability to heal ITSELF.   How does THAT happen?!  Is there really a God?  Are all things only biological?  There are theories.  But proofs are hard to come by.

It takes time to read when you are aphasic.  For almost ten years I couldn’t do it at all.  Now I can!  How did this occur?  God?  Neuroplasticity?  Concentration?  I don’t know.  I didn’t take classes.  I didn’t practice reading.  I knew letter forms.  I could tell the difference between, say, an X and a 4.  But try to read the what 4 meant, what anything meant was…   …    …how can you describe words without using words.  You try!  I can’t!  But  now I can!

So now I choose to read, not to blog!  Hold on now, Taxi!  You love your blogging!  It is so self-affirming!  You can’t stop now.

—–     —–     —–

Nature may abhor a vacuum, but it also abhor indecision!  Remember fight or flight?  I’ve been playing with this mouse for weeks and its time to pounce!

I will blog only once a week for a month.  Except for political cartooning.  I can find good, thoughtful political cartoons at http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/. 

I can keep up the dialogue without burning my circuits.

See!!  Not all Republicans think alike.  Newt will be a disaster.  He is a brilliant man!  He is a flawed candidate.  End of my debate.  I would like a tailor made candidate, exactly to my specifications.  Is Obama exactly to your specifications?  We’ll all see, in the end.

Well, its 10:30PM.  About 5 hours!  Oh, and I took a nap.  Excuu-uuse me!

—–     —–     —–


Alligator Feet (An Idea That Went Nowhere)

“As Oscar Wilde should have said, when bad ideas have nowhere else to go, they emigrate to America and become university courses”
Frederic Raphael


—–     —–     —–


This post should have gone away by itself.  Died an ignominious death.  Gone to an ‘elephants graveyard’ of ‘never forgots’.  [Now that was a pun on a pun.  Cool!]

It all started as an idea about my bad circulation.  In brief, my right side is paralyzed due to a stroke and my feet get discolored.  Grey and scaly.  Thus, “alligator feet”.

But apparently, the are very many people who are embarrassed by their feet.  The internet, as I haved learned, is choked with such complaints.  Which leaves me with nothing new to say.

Well that’s not good!  I wasted my writing time and produced nothing? !  I’ll be damned if that will be the end of the matter!  So I guess I’ll stuff it down your throat rather than show you my frustation.

Its not pretty! But its my “not pretty” and I’ll take the consequences.

And so…my “Idea That Went Nowhere”!

—–     —–     —–

Let’s take a look at Alligator Feet!

Channel 10, WALB, South Georgia, reports “Food Bank distributes alligator feet to the hungry”:

  • The Second Harvest Food Bank of South Georgia say they saw a 70 percent increase in the amount of food they were distributing in their 30 county area, and they are now maxed out. But they say the need continues to grow.  http://www.walb.com/global/story.asp?s=14035814

The web’s premiere natural history store, The Bone Room, http://www.boneroom.com/index.html, specializes in natural science and all things once living.

  • Alligator Feet Keychains
    Alligator mississipiensis
    Genuine alligator foot with split key ring.
    Approximately 2.5″ – 3″ in length

Lucky Mojo  www.luckymojo.com/alligatorfeet.html  is both an online magic shop and a real magic store that you can visit. We carry a full line of hand-made spiritual supplies.

  • The use of alligator feet as gamblers’ lucky charms seems to be an American notion, for alligators are indigenous to the Americas, although the “clutching hand” resembles on a larger scale the appearance of the Lucky Hand root, a distinctively African-American gambler’s charm.

And that’s when I finally gave up the ghost.

Such is The Loneliness Of The Frustrated Blog Writer!


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