From the “A Lump Of Coal In Your Stocking, Sir?” Department

Thumper’s mommie told me to remember this:

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

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Because it captures unknowable Truths

the rational mind looses

in the subterranean pathways of Mind.

No; I don’t know if THIS is poetry!!

I don’t know what poetry IS.

Yes I know.

Its only a punctuational game.

End the sentence here.  New line there.

Change a metaphor there.

Mechanics are not creations.

Of course I know this.

Don’t play me for a fool!

And I’m sorry I can’t play

up to The Standards.

Don’t the losses keep mounting?

I know that refrain.

Its dirge  gets loud

Vesti la giubba” in ragtime.

Who gets the last laugh?

Sadly, or not, we all know

His name.

— The Taxi Dog —

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Had I known my love of poetry would
get me so many chick readers,
I would have started this blog
years ago. Now I’m 70,
married forever,
can’t get it up all the time, and living in a wheelchair!
A half-paralyzed dream lover.
Where’s Bukowski nowadays.
I need consolation.
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The Boston Marathon In Poetry

Difficult to copy.  Worth the read.

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Death Gets A Final Spin

I’ll keep laughing at Death until He catches me, which will be soon enough, I suppose.  But this really takes the cake, and gives a who new meaning to obituaries, which are, after ALL is said and done, are death records.
—–     —–     —–

and vinyly

People do weird things with their relatives’ remains after they’re cremated. There are businesses that specialize in that final ritualistic tribute. Some put the ashes in rifle ammo and have them fired into the air. Even more extreme are those who feel the need to devour the remains. For serious music fans and vinyl enthusiasts, And Vinyly (as in “And Finally”) is the business of choice.

human remains made into vinyl records

The UK-based company presses the ashes of your loved one’s remains into an actual playable vinyl record. Basic packages run around $4,600 for 30 LPs. After cremation, the remains go to a standard pressing plant and are mixed in with the vinyl pellets. The difficulty lies in choosing your final song, words or sounds. It could be very easy to momentarily think that that one-hit-wonder from your high school prom is a good exit theme. And now some kitschy choices we came up with: Black Sabbath’s “Crazy Train;” Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper;” The Beatles’ “The End;” Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go;” and basically anything by AC/DC.

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A Thank You Note

A Thank-You Note


My daughter made drawings with the pens you sent,
line drawings that suggest the things they represent,
different from any drawings she — at ten — had done,
closer to real art, implying what the mind fills in.
For her mother she made a flower fragile on its stem;
for me, a lion, calm, contained, but not a handsome one.
She drew a lion for me once before, on a get-well card,
and wrote I must be brave even when it’s hard.
Such love is healing — as you know, my friend,
especially when it comes unbidden from our children
despite the flaws they see so vividly in us.
Who can love you as your child does?
Your son so ill, the brutal chemo, his looming loss
owning you now — yet you would be this generous
to think of my child. With the pens you sent
she has made I hope a healing instrument.

Source: Poetry (July/August 2013).

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Am I Supposed To Worry About This Too?

And its fashionable too!!

Hey guys and guyettes!!  This just in from Great Britain.  The National Health Service (the British equivalent of Obama-Care):

(reports) a UK media frenzy by featuring a front page report claiming that scientists are creating a device that can “tell people how long they have left to live”.

The Daily Mail has suggested that the “wristwatch-style device” could even influence how insurance and pension companies calculate premiums and pay outs.

The “death watch” is said to work by using “laser beams to analyse crucial cells lining blood vessels under the skin”.

The technique has been developed by physicists from Lancaster University, who are now reportedly developing a device that could be worn on the wrist. The press reports that they hope to obtain funding to get the device “on the market within three years”.

The device is designed to assess one aspect of the ageing process by looking at the lining of our blood vessels. Stiffness of the arteries is linked to coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. The current device assesses stiffness in smaller vessels in the limbs, and it is plausible that it could be an indicator of ageing or vascular health.

However, it is not clear whether it is a better measure of cardiovascular health than other available measures. Also, vascular health is not the only measure of physical health, nor is it the only predictor of longevity.

It seems unlikely that this device in its current form would be able to indicate accurately when a person may die, as there is a vast variety of possible causes of death, many of which are unrelated to cardiovascular health.

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Poem Club: On Retirement

Desire for Retirement

by Roy Mash

Sometimes I envy my bed, 
how it gets to bask all day with the dog, 
the pair of them loafing on the 
quiet raft of the afternoon,

lulled in the lapping of the clock, 
the still life still on the wall, 
linens adrift on the shelf, 
the whole house awash with cushiness.

What is the work of the bed, 
but to bask all day with the dog? 
What is the work of the dog, 
but to quiver his ear at the phone? 

Somewhere is a midday world
of penny loafers and bargain matinees, 
saunas and marinas and 10 speeds
and laptops in strudel cafés.

Bored? Me? Not. My plan’s to saw off
one day from the next, 
to produce my quota of carbon dioxide,
to throw myself into the job 

of dabbing up the seeds that have fallen 
from an everything bagel 
(though, to be truthful, 
I may delegate this to my little finger),

to join the road gang of sleepers-in, 
pay my dues to Local 6 
of the lookers-out-of-windows, 
bow to the whims of my new boss

the TV Guide, take on the grunt work of doing zip;
then every afternoon 
at four, following my meeting
with the Committee of Clouds,

to return, exhausted from a long day
of breathing in and out, 
to the bed and the dog, and tilt
the glider of my nose ever so slightly down. 
The descent so easeful, so gradual. 
I won’t even know when I’m on the ground.

Roy Mash produces his quota of carbon dioxide in Marin County, California, where he indulges in a pensioner’s sense of entitlement dabbing up the seeds that have fallen from an everything bagel. Staring out of windows, he is given to mentally thumbing over his poems that have appeared in Agni, Atlanta Review, Barrow Street, The Evansville Review, Nimrod, Passages North, Poetry East, Rhino, and River Styx among others. His first full-length book, Buyer’s Remorse (Cherry Grove Collections), is due out later this year.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Wish you were h…(gulp)

You know how I feel about excuses, but the last few months have been like that picture:  menacing doom!!  But its only a feeling, right?   Everything is really okay.  Right?  Still, the loss of control haunts me still.  Everything seems okay.  Until its not!!

And so fast.  Each day get gets a little bit worse than the other.  You say ‘I’ll do this’ or ‘say that’.  And you get all tied up like Brer Rabbit in the briar patch, with only your wits to help you.  You’ll live on, but you’re a bit less sure.  PTSD with a serio-dramatic twist.  Laugh or Die.  Laugh AND die!!

I thought that if I could write it out, I’d be cured.  But its not happening.  Middle of June, middle of July, and its August.  I was exhausted.

I start again.

Just a little post today.

Next week I’ll be taking a class on memoir writing.   Like a writers’ workshop where we critique each others produce.  And some classic memoirs found in The Art of the Personal Essay by Phillip Lopate.  Maybe I’ll get to be a better writer.  Maybe not.

I’ve been reading Duane Kelly’s blog, “Lapis Loquens” where he gives caveats to the frustrated artist.  But its approaching mid-night and tomorrow WILL be another day.

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From The Correspondence File:

Catterel – [] – and I were commiserating about our “lost” comments:  some essence of our work, collected on the blogs of others we’ve encountered around the blog- o-sphere .   She agreed that the ‘essence’ might make good fodder the us word-grazers.  Of course she suggested I NOT use the tempting “that would be utterly ridiculous”.  So instead I’ll just say that it would be like going from the ridiculous to the bovine.


To Tarot Man:  []


Here I’ll answer your questions.  The best thing about blogging is that, by exposing your ‘self’ to interesting others, you get to meet wonderful people along the road.

1. My full name is…still unknown to me.  It changes several times a day, as I evolve.

2. I AM a…a grandfather, husband, retired psychotherapist, wonderer.  Tomorrow?  Who knows!

3. I AM…heterosexual, but my sexuality only one part of  a me.

4. I live with…two cats.  A Calico named Keiko; but my wife & I have these meaningless arguments about whether its “Keiko”, “Kieko”, or”Kikko”.  She has no voice [The cat; not my wife!!]; a rare characteristic in Calicoes.  [Not rare at all in wives; although I've only had one so I shouldn't generalize.]  And I’ve only two in all.  [Cats; I mean. There are two cats.]

These catty arguments have continued since 1964, when we got married, and have only gotten worse, no matter how many cats, or cat names, we have chosen.  We HAVE called each other various names in our 48 years of wedded bliss.  Isn’t it strange how “bliss” is so often rhymed with “hiss”.

My other, current cat is named Shaina: she is the worlds’ loudest cat.  At night she’s ofter mistaken for a coyote!!

5. I love reading…since I was not able to for years after my stroke.

6. I do not eat nearly enough cheesecake!  There’s a wonderful Portuguese bakery near me that serves with “natas”.

7, 8, 9.   I’m a puer aeternus.

10. Sleep is under-rated…I do it all the time.

11. Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez, Horace Silver, and Dizzy Gillespie.  Okay?

12. I AM single…not forever, one hopes!!,

13. I AM an Ethical Witch…Glad to meet you.


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